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Dainese Press

Dainese Presents Its New Underwear Collection
Release date: Friday 9th October 2015


Dainese is launching a new range of underwear specially designed to provide thermal comfort and to optimise the performance of competitors.

Thanks to a blend of fabrics such as Polyamide, Elastane and *Dryarn®, the garments in the new collection provide excellent insulation, remove moisture from the skin and ensure optimal comfort with models that apply some pressure, and adhere to the body. The D-Core Thermo and D-Core Dry product lines, which were created, using Dainese’s body mapping know-how, are designed to offer excellent performance while riding a motorbike, or taking part in other sports activities at any time of the year.

During the coldest weather the D-Core Thermo garments keep the body dry thanks to a special 3D structure, which optimises thermal insulation properties and keeps the body at a constant temperature, while still allowing the areas that sweat most to breathe. The key word for the D-Core Dry product range is transversality. The synergy between technical yarns and weaves lets bike riders tackle any weather conditions, thanks to the use of garments that were specially designed to keep the body dry at all times and to keep performance at peak levels, by optimising the moisture management process.

The anti-pilling, anti odour fabrics used in the Dainese Underwear line are 100% Made in Italy. Special sections are positioned in parallel waves on the shoulders, elbows and knees to enhance comfort and sports performance, while a differentiated compression fabric stimulates the muscles and increases blood flow.

To find out more and to purchase items from the new Dainese Underwear range – visit www.dainese.com

* Dryarn® is an innovative fabric with a low specific weight, which provide garments with unparalleled lightness and with excellent heat-regulation properties, whatever the weather.