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REV’IT! and Moto2 rider Alex Rins choose the safety of Dainese D-air®
Release date: Friday 20th May 2016


REV’IT! has added its name to the list of companies taking advantage of the safety offered by Dainese D-air®, as their rider Alex Rins will be protected by D-air® Armor, Dainese’s open-platform airbag technology.

The REV’IT!-sponsored Spanish rider, who currently leads the Moto2 world championship for the Paginas Amarillas HP 40 team, is campaigning this season while wearing Dainese D-air® Armor, a special suit undergarment with a built-in Dainese D-air® airbag device, inside his REV’IT! racing suit.

The D-air® Armor back protector houses the Dainese D-air® protection system, including the electronics, gas generator, battery and GPS.

Ivan Vos, Managing Director and owner of REV’IT! states: “At REV’IT! rider safety is our greatest concern, that is why we are proud to incorporate the D-air® system into our REV’IT! racing suits. Although Dainese as a brand is one of our competitors, the D-air® technology has proven to contribute significantly to the safety of riders in case of a crash. This is why we are happy to contribute to the development of the system in the open-platform structure.”

Cristiano Silei, Dainese Group CEO, stated: “It’s a pleasure to announce a further partnership in the name of rider safety. REV’IT! has joined the ever-growing ranks of companies that share our beliefs that safety on the racetrack is of fundamental importance. D-air® Armor enables the possibility of extending the protection level of Dainese D-air® to all riders.”



Founded in 1972 by Lino Dainese, Dainese produces advanced protective wear for motorcycling, mountain biking, winter sports and equestrian use. In 2007, the company acquired premium race- and sport-helmet manufacturer AGV, and in 2015 it acquired premium winter sports and cycling protective-gear brand POC. Dainese, AGV and POC products showcase some of the most innovative technologies in dynamic sports developed and used by the world’s top athletes.

Founded in 1995, REV’IT! is one of the world’s most progressive and innovative manufacturers of motorcycle gear. By constantly challenging the status quo, REV’IT! has grown out to become one of the leading manufacturers inside the motorcycle clothing industry. REV’IT! is built around highly skilled and equally enthusiastic people who put in countless hours of research and development so every rider can live their passion on two wheels, whether professional or recreational.