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Franco Morbidelli, contract with AGV and Dainese renewed until 2019
Release date: Friday 25th August 2017


Since his debut in MotoGP, Franco has taken to the track wearing the Dainese Group’s head-to-toe safety system. For the current championship season, Morbidelli has chosen the AGV Pista GP R helmet, the most protective helmet ever developed, created in the wind tunnel and designed for maximum performance. His racing suit is equipped with D-airĀ® technology, the Dainese airbag system that was the first to be used in the World Championship back in 2007. The outfit is completed with Full Metal D1 gloves and Axial Pro In boots.

In line with their mission to promote and guarantee safety in dynamic sports, Dainese and AGV renew their commitment to supporting young talents, providing them with the maximum level of protective technology resulting from Dainese’s continuous research and development, just as they have done with Valentino Rossi for more than 20 years.