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Settantadue: Demon Flower – Untamed Creativity


“I try to create pieces that everyone can have some sort of emotional connection to or conjure up some sort of nostalgia.” – Othelo Gervacio, artist and Settantadue collaborator

The Patina72 is unlike any other jacket. Designed for the individual in everyone, this star of the Demon Flower collection is truly unique – no two Patina72 jackets are the same.


But where did the inspiration come from and how did New York artist Othelo Gervacio become involved in designing one of the standout pieces of the Settantadue brand?

Dainese Settantadue art director Renato Montagner explains “The Patina jacket shows the great skills that Dainese has in working leather. It is born from a collaboration with Othelo Gervacio, a NY painter I met while working with Scott Campbell. He is a Harley Davidson owner but doesn’t look like a Harley biker. Loves motocross, but just because he wants to get dirty and hear the roar. And he loves Valentino Rossi as well, even without being the typical Rossi fan. Othelo fully expresses the freedom of not wearing a uniform: not a biker, not a café racer, ‘just’ a guy who loves bikes.”



The Settantadue brand is focused on the connection between rider and bike, the freedom of the open road and the nostalgia that comes from remembering bikes of old and the memories attached to them. Othelo has his own individual history when it comes to bikes:

“I have been riding motorbikes for about ten years now. I started with a 1974 Honda CB that I brought back to life and customised myself to resemble a flat track racer. It was great to learn the basic mechanics of a bike and enable myself to handle most of the maintenance. I had a few random bikes in between, including a Triumph Chopper, but now I have a daily rider – a 1988 Harley Davidson Sportster. I do, however, have an appreciation for all types of bikes: race, dirt, dual, touring – anything on two wheels and over 300cc’s!”



Where did the inspiration come from to combine flowers with the world of motorcycling and where did Demon Flower come from? Othelo takes us through his inspirations and thought process that created the stunning one of a kind artwork that adorns the liner of the Patina72.

“I was inspired by the history and spirit of Dainese, especially drawing from the origins of the brand. Also, I just love the aesthetic of the world around racing. The suits, the personalised bikes, the adornments – all inspired what I have designed. Last but not least, the Speed Demon – such an amazing representation of the brand and speaks to anyone who rides!

“I discovered the Demon Flower after doing a bit of research in trying to find a personal connection between my art and the Dainese Settantadue brand. I couldn’t have found a better subject matter than the Tacca Chantrieri. It is a flowering plant that resembles a demon or black bat: 12 inches across and with long ‘whiskers’ that can grow up to 28 inches. They can grow over a metre high and are native to tropical regions of Southeast Asia. I had never seen such a flower before, almost seeming like they could have come from another planet. Of course, I was intrigued to paint such an eerily beautiful plant and include it into my language for the Dainese Settantadue collaboration.”



Soft drum-dyed premium leather is treated to obtain a distinctive patina that is only removed when the garment is complete, using a special manual brushing technique. The result is a jacket with unique tonal variations and an exceptionally soft, warm feel.

The refinement of the garment is further enhanced with gold metal zips and a lining created, and printed exclusively for Dainese Settantadue, by the New York artist Othelo Gervacio. This is why no two Patina72 jackets are alike.

With an RRP of £899.95 the Patina72 is available in the unique, manual brushed Cordovan in UK sizes 34 – 50.



Demon Flower: for the untamed creative in all of us.

For more information visit www.dainesesettantadue.com and join in the conversation using #dainesesettantadue and #dainese72

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