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Dainese Settantadue launches Dunes at Bike Shed London


London, 23 May 2019. Dainese Settantadue returns to The Bike Shed London and unveils Dunes, the brand-new collection of garments inspired by desert races in the heroic years, pieces that give the Paris-Dakar legend a modern twist.

Dainese Settantadue renews its partnership with The Bike Shed and presents its brand-new Dunes collection during the London event. The clothing line recalls those garments worn by the stars of African motorcycle marathons during the last century.

Dunes retains the key principle of Dainese Settantadue, namely the desire to offer all motorcycle fans iconic garments with a modern twist. Dunes conjures up images of passion, courage and a desire to challenge oneself, values that guided racers in battles that took them to the very limits of what is possible. Challenging nature and themselves, their only support their mechanical vehicle and their equipment, the jacket the most symbolic and representative piece.

Dunes draws inspiration from these ideas to create garments that associate modern technologies with an unforgotten style. Dunes injects all this into a collection capable of recalling the emotions of the desert and that stand-out African race in its pioneering period, when racers had nothing but a compass and a map.

Jackets are once again the main stars of the Dunes collection. Garments such as Alger, Kidal and Kayes are a modern take on the colours and lines that would race on sand tracks, rutted with sweat and tears, more than three decades ago. Jackets that carry the legendary names of places that have marked Dakar stages, each with its distinctive characteristics and identity.

Kidal is the famous three quarter length four-pocket leather jacket. Alger is in fabric and mesh, and stands out because of its patches, inspired by the race garments, and its front asymmetry, conceived by Dainese back in the day to leave room for a competitor’s race number. Kayes is a fabric garment characterised by classic lines, colourful and slanting, on the chest. There are also jackets for the female customer, such as Djanet and Kiffa, in leather and fabric.

Against the unique backdrop of London’s Tobacco Dock, Bike Shed 2019 will exhibit the Dunes collection, which includes also a full line of accessories such as gloves, shoes, boots, t-shirts and bags.

The Dunes collection is clearly inspired by that age of explorers who would take on challenges like the Paris-Dakar. More than average racers, they would ride their motorbikes in the direction of open and uncontaminated spaces, immersed in nature and guided by it. Dunes is a line of exclusive garments that brings a touch of adventure to the daily ride.


For more information on the Settantadue product range, visit www.dainesesettantadue.com

The Dunes press kit is available at: www.media.dainese.com