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Stay sporty this summer with Dainese
Release date: Tuesday 4th August 2015


With the racing season at its halfway point, and temperatures rising across the UK, now is the perfect time for track days and summer bike riding. Italian manufacturer Dainese has this covered with a range of racing-inspired clothing that maintains style while keeping the rider cool.

The CE Category 2 certified Laguna Seca Evo Estiva features all the technology and protection expected from a specialised racing suit with aluminium inserts on the shoulders, composite protection and Dainese’s own Bi-axial elasticated insert system, designed to give maximum suit flexibility. Ventilation through the hump, air inlets and ducting ensures optimal body temperature, even in extreme heat. The Laguna Seca Evo Estiva is available in sizes 44-60, with an RRP of £809.99

The summer version of the Laguna Seca Evo Div suit combines comfortable fitting, certified protection and race styling with Dainese technology designed to keep the rider cool when temperatures soar. The suit is made comfortable for any riding style with a NanoFeel liner and fixed 3D-Bubble liner air spaces while the Microelastic inserts on the legs, back and elbows work with the biaxial band on the back to provide maximum mobility. The Laguna Seca Evo Div is available in sizes 44-60, with an RRP of £809.99

The Racing P. Lady suit is designed for women who are addicted to speed and want their clothing to reflect this. The cowhide leather suit adapts to the shape of the rider’s body in motion with bi-axial elastic S1 fabric and elasticated inserts, which also ensure a comfortable ride. The summer version features a perforated hide to enhance air-flow, making it perfect for riding during warm summer days. The Racing P. Lady is available in sizes 38-54, with an RRP of £609.99

With sporty and aggressive styling, the Racing D1 Pelle jacket is perfect for spending days on the open road astride a motorcycle. A perforated hide, air vents on the chest and 3D bubble fabric ensure that hot days don’t get in the way of enjoying the ride, while the bi-axial elasticised S1 inserts work to keep the jacket comfortable in any riding position. The CE certified jacket features aluminium shoulder inserts and pockets for G1 and G2 back protection and for a double chest protector. The Racing D1 Pelle is available in male and female sizes, with an RRP of £364.99

Unpredictable British weather can make things difficult, but the Laguna Seca D-Dry jacket is designed to be highly versatile. With shoulder venting that complements the sporty design of the garment, a removable thermo liner and a removable waterproof D-Dry membrane, this jacket can adapt to warm temperatures or summer showers easily. Featuring a pocket for the G1 and G2 back protector, the Laguna Seca D-Dry jacket is available in male and female sizes with and RRP of £199.99

For more information or to find your local dealer visit www.dainese.com